! ! Keep track of whether your employer has applied to obtain a Work Permit for the required time and has completed the authorization process.

!! If the employer has not completed the work related to your Work Permit at the end of the period specified in the law, please do not continue to work and make a complaint about the situation to our Ministry. 

! ! Be sure to have a valid entry visa or work permit when you are in the TRNC. 

! ! it is a law that Work Permitted foreign nationals must work in the job or work place specified in the Labor Permit, and work with the employer in the specified profession.

! ! if you are continue working in the same work place, the expired Work Permit must be renewed within three months 

! ! If you cut your employment relation in any way, you have to apply to the Ministry and cancel your work permit. 

! ! You may be subject to fines due to any situations above and / or you may fall to the position of an illegal worker. The employer is responsible for all kinds of financial damages that foreigners will suffer other than the own faults of foreigners.

! Foreign employees are employed according to the current Working Law in TRNC. Employees who have fallen into fugitive status in the TRNC, have to pay a penalty every day at the daily minimum wage amount (109.15 TL) from the date they have been punished under the Law and the penalty for working illegal workers in TRNC is 5 times the minimum wage. 

! Foreign workers affiliated to our Ministry may apply to the following institutions to get information or make their complaints: 

- For Work Permits, apply for Work Permit Centre - Within the scope of labor law; for transactions such as,wages, working hours, annual leave and unjust termination, apply for Labour Office - For Insurance investments under the Law of Social Insurance, apply for Directorate of Social Security Institution - For investments under the Law of Provident Fund apply for Provident Fund Directorate * You can also forward your complaints to the ALO 102 tip line and our website.


Commission to Set the Minimum Wage, determines the minimum wage in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus at least once a year.

The last minimum wage in T.R.N.C. has been formally entered into force as of 1st of September 2018 as 2,620.- Turkish Lira (Gross).


Minimum Wage


Valid On



15.12 TL



120.92 TL



604.62 TL



2,620 TL