Minimum wage increased

The minimum gross wage in the TRNC has been set at 2,020 Turkish Lira.

At a meeting yesterday, the Minimum Wage Commission unanimously agreed on the increase from 1,757TL.

Accordingly, workers who receive the minimum wage will be paid 11.65TL per hour, 93.27TL daily, 466.15TL weekly, and 2020TL monthly.

The new rate came into force as of 1st February.

Speaking on the issue, the Minister of Labour and Social Security Ersan Saner said that he was pleased that he had succeeded in reaching a consensus on the new wage with all the parties represented on the commission.

Pointing out that the issue was always the subject of debate in the country; Saner said that the reason for this was the different interpretations of what the minimum wage was.

“I repeat again … the minimum wage is the salary that should be paid to an unskilled labourer. It should not be perceived as the salary that should be paid to everyone, no matter what kind of occupation they are in,” he said.

Saner also said that it was the first time the cost of living had been announced recently by the State Planning Organisation.



Date of publication: 03/02/2017

Minimum wage to be increased

The minimum wage is set to increase to over 2,000TL, Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has said.

Speaking on television, Ozgurgun said that fluctuating currency rates had affected the budget and there had been a need to adjust the minimum wage. The Minister of Labour and Social Security was working on the issue, he said.

Currently the minimum wages stands at 1,834TL.

Ozgurgun said “I believe the workers and the employers will become comfortable with the changes. The employers may be a little disturbed by this but we have made this decision with the peoples’ best interest in mind”.


Date of publication: 03/01/2017

TRNC doctors angry at lack of parity in salaries

Turkish Cypriot doctors are up in arms because reportedly, a number Turkish doctors coming from the mainland for two months, are being paid more than double the salaries of local doctors.

In a report written by Turkish Cypriot journalist Funda Gumush for Cyprus Weekly, eight new Turkish doctors will be paid around 2,500 euros a month.


Head of the Medical Association, Dr Filiz Besim commenting on the issue, said that the North was desperately short of doctors in certain departments. She noted that was especially for the case for emergency units. However, the issue here was not about employing the doctors, but their salaries.

Local doctors are paid just over 1,000 euros a month compared to the 2,500 euros the temporary doctors would be paid. It is believed that they would be receiving subsistence as well as other benefits.

“If vacancies had been announced, with the same benefits, Turkish Cypriot doctors working abroad may have applied. However, it will be hard to find doctors to work for only 1,000 euros,” said Besim.

Head of the doctors’ union Sila Usar Incirli said doctors’ pay was a global issue and not one just for the North. “However, the real issue here is not the salaries the Turkish doctors will be getting, but the salaries the local ones are not,” she said.

Currently, the long-awaited oncology hospital is not yet opened in the North, Gumush writes. In addition to this, there are also no oncologists and many Turkish Cypriot patients seeking oncological treatment either cross to the south or go abroad.

The head of the health department, Faiz Sucuoglu, denied that the Turkish doctors were being given preferential treatment and said they would be using the Near East hospital transfer service and staying in their quarters.

Sucuoglu answering allegations that the vacancies had not been advertised locally, said there were no doctors on the island who specialised in the fields required.

“It is unfortunate, but I can be quite clear on this. If doctors from these disciplines exist, bring them in, as I will give them a job immediately. But there aren’t,” he stressed.

He pointed out that because of strong reactions from local doctors, one of the eight Turkish doctors had returned. Sucuoglu feared that others would follow if this kind of hostility towards them continued.

He emphasised that the Turkish doctors were only on the island for two months, noting that they would be left in the same situation, once they returned to Turkey.

Cyprus Weekly…/


Date of publication: 11/07/2016 

New business association formed

      A new association called the Association of Cyprus businessmen, Investors and Economy (KIYAD) was established in the TRNC last month.

In a press conference organised yesterday, the chairman of the association Erdil Nami presented the goals and the aim of their association.

    Nami explained that they aimed to increase prosperity and production of Turkish Cypriot community. He also stressed the need for making openings in the private and business sectors.

    Nami stated further that their goal is to give incentives to both employees and employers in the private sector and also to prepare the private companies to become harmonised with EU standards.

Haberal Kibrisli


Date of publication: 08/06/2016

GCs alarmed about uni student numbers in North

There is twice the number of students studying at TRNC universities compared to the number of the students who are studying in South Cyprus universities, Greek Cypriot daily Alithia reports.

The newspaper reported that 12 universities operate in the TRNC and when compared to the number of university students in South Cyprus, the number is “amazing”.

It was stated that 81,000 university students are studying in the TRNC universities in the 2015-2016 academic year. 47,033 of these students are from Turkey, 21,982 of them from third world countries and 12,000 are Turkish Cypriots.

The newspaper reported that the university student number in South Cyprus during the 2014-2015 academic year was 35,183 and 63% of them were Greek Cypriot students. Indicating that the number of EU citizen students studying in the South is 8,669 and the number of students from third world countries is 2,328, it was emphasised that the Greek Cypriot officials should take serious measures in order to increase student numbers.

The newspaper also reported that TRNC university diplomas are recognised in the EU and by many other universities in the world.

TRNC Public Information Office


Date of publication: 07/06/2016

Turkey angry because economic protocol still not signed.

Turkey angry because economic protocol still not signed.

The ministry of finance cannot fully pay the salaries for March 2016. For this reason those who have a salary higher than four thousand Turkish lira (TL) will receive only 60% of their salary, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ reports.

Prime Minister, Omer Kalyoncu said yesterday that the rest of the salaries will be paid within a few days and added that those who receive a net salary of up to four thousand TL will be paid their full salary.

The newspaper claims that Turkey is furious because the economic protocol with the TRNC has not been signed yet and therefore is punishing the Turkish Cypriots by withholding payments.

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Halkin Sesi’ newspaper recalls that because the economic protocol has not been signed yet, all kinds of transfer of financial resources from Turkey to the TRNC have ceased as of January. Noting that this is the first time in 33 years that the salaries in North Cyprus will be paid by installment, the paper writes that the ministry of finance is in a very difficult situation and that in the previous month, the salaries had been paid with difficulty. According to the paper, the projects financed by Turkey have not been launched in 2016 because the protocol has not been signed.

“Turkey, which is using the pretext of the non-signing of the protocol, did not send its 90 million TL contribution for the payment of the salaries in the TRNC”, notes the paper.

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports that the National Unity Party (UBP) – the minor coalition partner, is up in arms about the fact that the signing of the protocol has been delayed. It is considering the establishment of a government without the Republican Turkish Party (CTP). This government would sign the protocol, make reforms and afterwards carry out elections, it said.

Afrika, Halkin Sesi, Havadis…/


Date of publication: 01/04/2016

Turkish Cypriots face long-term unemployment

North Cyprus News - University_students

Turkish Cypriots in the TRNC are facing the problem of long-term unemployment. According to a state report last year, current unemployment rates in the country stand at 9.5% officially. This however does not include unofficial figures.


In a country where 90% of 18-30 year olds are university graduates, there are just not enough jobs for graduates. While many of them are in work, the vast majority are constantly on the look-out for better prospects.


Even though the economy in the TRNC is growing, this holds very little benefit for graduates. Recently qualified teachers end up labouring while they wait for job opportunities to arise in education.


The TRNC’s Social Security Minister Aziz Gurpinar told Al-Jazeera Turk that there was a glut of teaching and law graduates, with the result that many of them have to leave the island in search of better prospects.


Offering a ray of hope, hydrocarbon discoveries offshore Cyprus have laid the pathway to the resumption of talks; a peace settlement could greatly improve the chances of employment on both sides of the island.


However, while it is certain that the development of the energy industry in the eastern Mediterranean will create new jobs in Cyprus, there is concern over the lack of people with the appropriate skills on both sides of the island, especially the Turkish Cypriots who have had no prior experience in the field of energy.


26 February 2014

By LGC News



Hotel "Chateau Lambousa will be regained for tourism.

   It is announced that Chateau Lambousa will with partnership of Girne American University (GAU)  and Celebrity Hotels Group. The target date is 31st of December 2013.

    Girne American University (GAU) and   Celebrity Hotels Group will be in partnership to put Chateau Lambousa in business for touristic services. According to the information  given by GAU; 5 star Hotel Chateau Lambousa which is a part of Celebrity Hotels Group, will open its doors for tourism with GAU’s efforts.

   The Project to regain Chateau Lambousa Hotel for tourism under the leadership of GAU Tourism and Hospitality Faculty, will be benefit the country greatly.

   The importance of Chateau Lambousa Hotel to be regained for the country’s economy and tourism with GAU’s vision and indicated that besides contributing to the country’s tourism with a capacity of 250 bed’s, the Project will also contribute to the economy by providing job opportunities for 200 people.